About Us
All India Health Association (AIHA) was formed in 2018 by a group of practitioners, doctors and healthcare professionals under the aegis of Global Human Foundation and Doctor Dawa Health.

One of the main aims of the Association is to facilitate the development of health education among the masses, consumers and healthcare fraternity leading to an environment and awareness about preventive health. AIHA further supports the up-skilling of healthcare professionals in India as well as initiating IEC (information, education, communication) health projects.

Our flagship project, CPR Training, Get Trained. Safe a Life! has the vision that there should be CPR trained person (basic level) in every household of the country. We have tied up with healthcare professionals, hospitals, local agencies and corporates to take the project to every nook and corner of the country.

Our Vaccinate India program is an ambitious project to vaccinate the critical population groups who are likely to be left out in the current Covid-19 vaccination drive owing to several last mile challenges existing in the current scenario. While the rapid development of vaccines against COVID‑19 is an extraordinary achievement, successfully vaccinating the critical population presents many challenges, from production to distribution, deployment, and importantly, acceptance. Trust in the vaccines is vital, and is critically dependant on the ability of government and the civil society to communicate the benefits of vaccination, and to deliver the vaccines safely and effectively.

Our Vision

Health For All, Accessible by All is our motto. AIHA along with healthcare fraternity aims to solve critical challenges faced by people due to lack of access, lack of awareness and poor-quality healthcare.

Our Mission

To become one-stop point of credible healthcare information of all kinds and types in India.

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