Vaccinate India

Vaccinate India is an ambitious project to vaccinate the critical population groups who are likely to be left out in the current Covid-19 vaccination drive owing to several last mile challenges existing in the current scenario. While the rapid development of vaccines against COVID‑19 is an extraordinary achievement, successfully vaccinating the critical population presents many challenges, from production to distribution, deployment, and importantly, acceptance. Trust in the vaccines is vital, and is critically dependant on the ability of government and the civil society to communicate the benefits of vaccination, and to deliver the vaccines safely and effectively.

According to our dipstick survey, the biggest impediment to getting more people fully vaccinated for COVID-19 is access, not vaccine hesitancy. From not having access to primary health centre, lack of digital access, unavailability of vaccines, hesitancy to take vaccine and lack of funds, there are a number of reasons because of which these population groups are not being vaccinated. The objective behind Vaccinate India is to take the vaccination drive right at their doorsteps, plug the last-mile gaps, sensitise & inform them about its benefits, register them on CoWin (India’s vaccination registration portal) and make them join the vaccination bandwagon.

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